Fractional CO2 laser
The ageing process involves the reduction of the quantity of collagen in the skin and the deterioration of its structure. As a result the skin becomes flabby which is demonstrated by lines, wrinkles and reduced skin tension. Similar processes take place when atrophic scars (post-surgical scars, striae) form. A treatment may be applied depending on the scar type and location to make the scar less visible, smaller, fainter, more elastic, or ideally hardly visible.

A fractional CO2 laser is a cutting edge device that facilitates reduction or elimination of these and many other lesions. Treatments with this laser have been FDA approved as “gold standard” in skin resurfacing. Laser treatment is possible also in difficult to access areas, e.g. top and bottom eye-lids. 

The treatment involves making microscopic damage that reaches down to the dermis. This damage is surrounded by an undamaged (non-heated) skin which accelerates the healing process and collagen production, and as a result rejuvenates the skin. Fractional laser is used for wrinkle and groove excision, scar correction, dilated pore reduction and to increase skin tightness (lifting-like effects) wherever necessary, on the face, neck, neckline and cleavage, abdomen, arms, etc.

Indications for fractional CO2 laser treatment include:

  • Wrinkles and flabby skin, skin rejuvenation
  • Wrinkles around the eyes, “bags” under the eyes
  • Acne scars
  • Dilated pores, comedones (blackheads)
  • Post-surgery and post-traumatic scars
  • Striae (stretch marks)
  • Pigmented lesions, hyperpigmentation, chloasmas, lentigines (age spots), dyschromia
  • Skin discoloration  
  • Sun damage
  •  Rough skin
The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic (EMLA lignocaine cream) that is applied 45-60 minutes before the treatment. It is almost painless.
For 2-3 hours directly after the procedure, the skin might be slightly reddened and swollen, which is similar to the sensation felt after intensive sun bathing.  This erythema and swelling persists for approximately 7 days. Superficial exfoliation, which is a side effect of skin regeneration may appear in the treated area so does darkening of the skin, which recedes a few hours after the treatment.
Men should shave 24 hours before the procedure to avoid skin irritation just before the treatment.
Only cold compresses and soothing creams recommended by a doctor may be applied on the day of the treatment.
On the next day after the treatment, it is recommended to wash the treated area with water and cleansing gel for sensitive skin, and to apply soothing cream frequently. A sunscreen should be used during the day, before and after the treatment.

The typical treatment consists of 4-6 procedures at 4-6 week intervals, depending on indications and results. The doctor determines the frequency of the visits to match them to the extent and location of the condition.

The fractional CO2 laser treatment improves skin firmness and tension, reduces grooves and wrinkles, shrinks dilated pores, excises depressions that have occurred as a result of scaring. The skin is more delicate and evenly coloured after the fractional laser treatment. The results becomes visible gradually.

The effects of fractional laser treatment are long-lasting. For skin regeneration the effects are noticeable even after few years from the treatment, and the scars may be permanently reversed.
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