PDO Threads New in Dermea

PDO Threads New in Dermea

PDO threads provide a new quality in aesthetic medicine. This absolute novelty is available in the Polish market. First Lift threads bring spectacular effects. Thread application is practically non-invasive and painless. The procedure takes approximately half an hour. There are no scars or incisions, and any slight redness subsides within a few days.

An additional advantage is that it may be applied anywhere on the body.

The PDO thread is placed on a sterile very fine needle that is used to introduce the thread in the area of the face, neck, décolletage, breast, buttocks, tummy or legs.


Treatment effects, include:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Wrinkle smoothing
  • Pore narrowing
  • Skin lightening
  • Growth or reduced volume
  • Skin lift

PDO (polydioxanone) is a potent synthetic fiber consisting of one or two filaments that dissolve in the tissue after a certain time.


This material meets all requirements set out in the US Pharmacopeia (USP) for surgical sutures. Based on clinical practice it has been observed that polydioxanone stimulated production of new collagen, a protein that makes skin tense and firm. In addition to this, stimulation of fibroblasts incites synthesis of elastin, a protein that makes skin supple and flexible. It has been also found in vivo tests that polydioxanone activity induces synthesis of natural (endogenic) hyaluronic acid.


This mechanism of action makes the skin where a PDO thread was introduced more firm, more elastic and better moisturized. The PDO thread introduction technique is based on using natural skin tension lines which also causes an effect similar to a surgical lift. The PDO threads reduce the strength of facial mimic muscles which gives a botulinum toxin–like effect, namely relaxed and smoothened facial lines.


The PDO thread introduced in the skin instantly improves the appearance of the skin. The synthesis with the body’s natural proteins (collagen and elastin) begins after approximately 10-14 days. This process continues throughout the period of maintaining the threads in the body (up to 7-8 months). The aesthetic effects persist typically for up to two years.


The sagging tissue is strengthen by the thread. As the threads are absorbed by the body there is no risk of concentration and scaring as in the case of large diameter fibres and threads with a longer period of biodegradability (over a year).


One of the greatest advantages of PDO First Lift threads is that they can be applied practically everywhere in the body; not only on the face, but also to improve the structure of elbows, knees, tummy, buttocks, décolletage or breasts. Major indications for application of First Lift threads include:


 On the face:

  • Vertical and horizontal forehead wrinkles
  • Sagging brows, flabby, drooping tissue
  • Lower eyelid – bags under the eyes
  • Cheeks
  • Pronounced nasolabial groove
  • Nasojugal groove
  • Folds on the chin
  • Marionette fold
  • V-lift


On the body:

  • Folds and wrinkles on the neck and décolletage
  • Breast firming and shaping
  • Flabby tissue and stretch marks on the buttocks, tummy, arms and legs
  • Insensitive skin and subcutaneous tissue (in particular after liposuction)
  • Obesity – arms, tummy, ribs
  • Hair loss

 The treatment usually takes 30 – 60 minutes and is practically painless. It starts with applying local anaesthetic cream. Then, a doctor marks needle points and lines for implanting thread under the skin. Once all the areas are marked, needles are introduced in the subcutaneous tissue. The needles are introduced in certain points on the face in order to get the best possible skin tension.


The skin may be slightly reddened, bruised or minor hematomas may appear directly after the procedure. These subside within a few days. Effects of the treatment are instantaneous, however it should be remembered that the actual neocollagenesis process (new collagen creation) starts after 10-14 days. This is when actual effects of the treatment are visible.

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