Zaffiro Thermal Lift


Thermal lift with the Zaffiro system is deep regeneration of collagen fibres. The sapphire glass head emits infrared radiation with a wavelength of 750-1800 nm. The dermis is selectively treated with a high temperature of 65oC to shorten collagen fibres. An additional effect of the treatment is stimulation of fibroblast activity to produce new collagen fibres. The collagen volume increases as a result of this by ca. 30% which gives the effect of denser and lifted skin. Zaffiro is a painless procedure with high comfort for the patient with spectacular results visible straight after the treatment.


  • No recovery period
  • Smoother and healthy looking skin
  • Pore narrowing More homogenous skin colour distribution
  • Reduced rush caused by rosacea.
  • Reduced wrinkles

The treatment when applied on the face redefines face oval, lifts drooping cheeks, smoothens wrinkles and improves skin elasticity. It is also recommended for the body, in particular for women after childbirth as it effectively shrinks skin on the tummy. It may be applied on décolletage, inner arms and thighs, and on saggy knees.

The recommended number of treatments is four sessions to be performed every 4 - 6 weeks. The time between treatments may be longer however it should not exceed 90 days. The effect of a single treatment is visible straight after the procedure and remains for approximately 3 months. Contraindications:

  • Periods of pregnancy and nursing
  • Open wounds
  • Neoplastic diseases
  • A prior golden thread lift procedure
  • Within two weeks after application of hyaluronic acid-based fillers
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