Universkin skin care

Tailor-made skincare? It’s now possible! UNIVERSKIN™ is an innovative dermocosmetic. It supports doctors in preparing ideal skin care, tailored to the needs of a specific person, to obtain extraordinary therapeutic effects. The products combine skin care with functional dermatology. Personalised UNIVERSKIN™ products are top-rated and appreciated by dermatologists, plastic and aesthetic surgeons in 30 countries around the world. Based on medical history, the patient’s skin assessment and a questionnaire completed during the visit, the patient receives perfectly personalised care made up of a powerful ingredient cocktail. The cosmeceutical formula combines oil with camelina, vitamin E and biomimetic peptides. Its structure allows the integration of up to 3 pure active ingredients tailored to the individual needs for unique skin care. The Universkin cosmetics range includes 19 active ingredients, eight approaches and 1159 possible combinations!

Universkin™ Serum P is a multifunctional soothing serum that is an optimised and patented combination of ingredients to help regenerate and repair the epidermis. The intelligent, light, flesh-coloured formula contains high-quality ingredients that work with the skin in perfect harmony: organic camelina oil enables the skin to produce natural anti-inflammatory Omega-3 compounds. A complex of biomimetic P peptides developed by Universkin™, containing a unique combination of 4 peptides that are biological carriers of a physiological skin balance. Hyaluronic acid ensures the proper functioning of the extracellular matrix.

Sun protection Dermaheal™ UV SPF 50+ PA +++ provides the skin with mineral protection against UVA and UVB radiation even under extreme conditions, it also regenerates, soothes and moisturises sensitive skin. It helps eliminate existing discolouration and fine wrinkles and prevents the formation of new ones, soothes skin inflammation caused by UV rays and restores its natural defences. The mineral oil-to-water (O / W) emulsion has light consistency and high water resistance. The product does not contain any preservatives.

Nexultra™ B is a multifunctional, optimised, soothing balm – a patented combination of biomimetic peptides and Omega-3 acids, which aim to help regenerate the skin and repair the upper layers of the epidermis, alleviate inflammation, regenerate the skin and restore its lipid bilayer. The product is dermatologically tested, does not contain fragrances or preservatives. The product is suitable for adults, children, infants, pregnant and nursing women.

Nexultra™ 1 emulsion helps to regenerate, repair the skin and restore the skin’s hydro-lipid layer. The light, gel consistency of the product makes it easy to apply and is suitable for normal, oily and combination skin.

Nexultra™ 2 emulsion helps prevent photo-ageing and stimulates the natural photoprotector of the skin. The light consistency of the product makes it suitable for normal, dry and combination skin.

Nexultra™ 3 emulsion helps restore the natural mechanisms and protective barrier of the skin. The optimal consistency of the product makes it suitable for dry and dehydrated skin.

The products from the nexultra™ series, used to protect the skin against the adverse effects of mechanical and external factors, can be used individually or in combination with other products.

All products are multifunctional and feature a patented blend of biomimetic peptides and Omega-3 fatty acids.

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