• Totally new!

    Exosomes at Dermea!

    Exosomes stimulate tissue repair, regeneration, and the healing of wounds, and play a substantial role in the treatment of dermatological conditions as well as anti-ageing prevention. They were dubbed one of the greatest innovations in regenerative medicine and biostimulation in recent years.
  • New at Dermea

    Kobido massage

    This is an intensive Japanese face, neck, and d├ęcolletage massage featuring elements of acupressure. It provides a natural lifting, firming and freshening effect. It also reduces wrinkles and facial muscle tension, stimulates microcirculation, and boosts the effectiveness of skincare products.
  • Special-mission treatments

    Unveil your body

    Microwave, cryolipolysis or shock wave? Depending on your needs, your doctor will decide which one to choose as a treatment for cellulite, loss of firmness or unwanted fatty tissue.
  • Firm
    and moisturised


    Hyaluronic acid treatment is the best method for lip correction and renewal. Lips instantly become fuller and firmer, and have a defined contour and a vibrant tone!
  • radio wave frequencies & microneedling

    medical non-surgical lift

    face and body lift, scar or stretch marks removal, and hyperhidrosis treatment
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