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    Cosmetics from dr ivana stanković

    with our proprietary SteamRepair complex. This is how nature and science respond to the needs of our patients, ensuring comfort during and after dermatological therapies.
  • New in at dermea

    Video dermatoscopy

    This is an invaluable tool in the prevention of melanoma and other skin cancers as well as for diagnosis and differentiation of skin lesions. It significantly enhances the accuracy of lesion evaluation and allows for video archiving of images.
  • New in at dermea


    This treatment combines non-invasive exfoliation, infusion of active ingredients and vacuum therapy. It eliminates dead skin cells, keeps skin hydrated, and slows down the aging processes. It is a favourite treatment all over the world!
  • Skin discolouration removal

    thulium laser

    Effective and fast treatment of discolourations, scars and other skin imperfections with rapid recovery.
  • radio wave frequencies & microneedling

    medical non-surgical lift

    face and body lift, scar or stretch marks removal, and hyperhidrosis treatment
Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine