This extremely effective shock-wave therapy helps tackle advanced cellulite, loss of skin firmness, and first signs of ageing. It is also used to reduce pain and muscle tension. The treatment is non-invasive and painless; patients go as far as describing it as pleasant. It strengthens the effect of other fat-reducing procedures and can be successfully combined with microwave (ONDA) and cryolipolysis technologies. The treatment is suitable for abdomen, waistline fat (love handles), buttocks and thighs, in both men and women.



  • advanced cellulite reduction
  • improvement of skin elasticity and firmness
  • silhouette slimming/modelling
  • reduction of swelling, lymphatic drainage
  • reduction of wrinkles
  • muscle stimulation

How to prepare for the procedure:

  • A medical consultation is necessary prior to the procedure.
  • It does not require any special preparation.

Procedure description and effects:

  • The procedure is completely painless.
  • The duration is 40-60 minutes, depending on the surface area treated.
  • A special gel is applied to the treated area to allow the acoustic waves to penetrate deeper into the skin.
  • Immediately after the first treatment, the patient can notice the reduction of cellulite, fat and swelling. The silhouette is improved, and so is the firmness and smoothness of the skin.

After the procedure:

  • A 30-minute exercise (vigorous walk, bike ride or jogging) and drinking 2-3 litres of liquids per day are recommended during the entire treatment cycle.
  • It is advised to have 1-2 treatments in a week.


  • pregnancy
  • varicose veins
  • epilepsy
  • pacemaker
  • cancer and autoimmune diseases
  • long-term use of anticoagulants (aspirin, painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs)