Hyaluronic acid. Improving the quality of skin

Do you wish your skin was in better condition? Choose modern treatments used for revitalising and deep moisturisation, which are based on the intracutaneous administration of a stabilised hyaluronic acid. At DERMEA, we wholeheartedly recommend Juvéderm Volite and Skinboosters Restylane Vital / Vital Light.



  • Dehydrated, flabby, dull skin on the face, neck, upper chest, hands.
  • Prevention of premature ageing,
  • Loose skin around the eyes (Restylane Vital Light), arms, abdomen.
  • Preparation of the skin for aesthetic medicine treatments (fillers, laser therapy)


How to prepare for the procedure:

The treatment is preceded by a medical consultation and can be performed on the same day. Most often requires the use of anesthetic cream. It is recommended not to take anticoagulants for a few days before the planned procedure.


Procedure description and effects:

The treatment involves precise, intracutaneous injections of a formula into the chosen area. The effects are visible 2-3 weeks after the procedure. The skin becomes visibly rejuvenated, moisturised, radiant, and fresh.


After the procedure:

  • Short-term swelling, isolated bruising and slight tenderness of the areas where the injection was performed may occur.
  • The patient can immediately return to their daily activities.
  • To get a quicker and better effect, we recommend increasing hydration during the day.



  • Pregnancy and nursing,
  • Neoplastic diseases,
  • Autoimmune diseases,
  • Active skin infections, including acne,
  • Blood coagulation disorders,
  • Proneness to forming keloids.


Juvéderm® VOLITE

Juvéderm® VOLITE is a one-of-a-kind, modern filler, combining the properties of mesotherapy and filling injections, thanks to which it has gained a global recognition among dermatologists. Its moisturising and tightening properties work well as an effective method of revitalisation, but also as a way to prepare for further aesthetic treatments. This formula was created using a unique combination of low and high molecular weight hyaluronic acid in the form of a gel, utilising the most modern VYCROSS™ technology. It is thanks to these properties, that the product works so intensively, giving longer-lasting, and at the same time more natural effects.

Just like in case of mesotherapy, Juvéderm® VOLITE is administered intracutaneously. The effects can be seen after a few weeks, when the skin becomes more dense and elastic. These effects are obtained after just one treatment and this is what makes this product so unique. The treatment can be repeated after 6-9 months.

In addition, the product causes the skin to reflect the light differently, which makes it shine and look much more rested, glowing and fresh.


Skinboosters Restylane Vital/Vital Light

Products with stabilised hyaluronic acid Restylane Vital and Restylane Vital Light naturally moisturise and brighten the skin, which becomes hydrated, smoother and firmer. The result is visible skin hydration, improved structure, density and elasticity. To achieve the optimal effect, 3 treatments are recommended at four-week intervals. The round of treatments can be repeated after 6 months.


Viscoderm Hydrobooster

This innovative product in the form of a gel, contains hyaluronic acid, which, thanks to its water-binding properties, effectively hydrates and smooths the skin. Viscoderm is particularly effective in the treatment of the dynamic areas of the face, i.e. the forehead or the areas around the mouth and eyes.