Hyaluronic acid for body – Profhilo Body

A new, spectacularly effective treatment for sagging skin, especially around the arms and abdomen. The result is a multilayer tissue remodelling, improved skin firmness and revitalisation. This is how Profhilo Body works — an innovative biostimulant, and a hybrid complex of pure hyaluronic acid molecules.



  • loss of skin elasticity (abdomen, arms, thighs)
  • sagging skin
  • skin dehydation

How to prepare for the procedure:

  • A medical consultation is necessary prior to the procedure.
  • The treatment does not require anaesthesia.

Procedure description and effects:

  • The procedure is about injecting the product by a bioaesthetic point (BAP) injection technique – 10 injection points per area. This is the way to reduce the risk of bruising and swelling, while maximising the product’s diffusion in the tissues.
  • One syringe contains only 3 ml of the preparation, with as much as 96 mg of hyaluronic acid in it, which has recognised remodelling properties, preventing skin from sagging as well as restoring skin density and flexibility.
  • After treatment, a sterile soothing and moisturising patch is applied to the treated area. The patch is changed after 2-3 hours.
  • In the intervals between treatments, it is recommended to use a Profhilo Figura cream with remodelling and toning properties as it deeply moisturises the skin, restores its firmness and the right colouration.
  • Two treatment sessions at a month interval are recommended.
  • It is also worth combining Profhilo Body treatment with other procedures that improve skin density and quality, such as RF fractional radio frequency microneedling.

After the procedure:

  • Following the procedure, the patient can return to their daily activities immediately.
  • Short-term swelling, isolated bruising and slight short-term tenderness of the areas where the injection was performed may occur straight after the treatment.


  • pregnancy
  • skin inflammation
  • cancer and autoimmune diseases