Acne Therapy Zone

Our Acne Therapy Zone is a unique place at Dermea Clinic, where dermatologists with many years of experience in the field of youth and adult acne, and rosacea develop comprehensive and tailored therapy plans to help fight the symptoms step by step!

Acne, regardless of the variety, is usually a very complex and chronic disease; aside from the visible symptoms in the form of comedones, papules, pustules and erythematous and vascular changes on the skin, it is also associated with a decrease in self-esteem and deterioration in the quality of life as it can negatively affect the social and professional relations of many patients. The lack of a proper diagnosis and comprehensive approach mean that getting rid of the symptoms of acne entirely is often virtually impossible.

At Dermea Clinic, therapy starts with a precise diagnosis and detailed treatment plan, which prepares patients for every stage of the treatment as well as outlines the expected result.
We use the latest available therapeutic methods – general treatment focused on specific areas, light and supportive therapies. In the final stage, we use effective ways to eliminate acne scars and post-inflammatory discolourations, including medical peels, diamond microdermabrasion, Dermapen microneedling, and fractional lasers.

We believe the key is a synergy between a dermatologist and a qualified cosmetologist. This approach combines effective general and local therapy with specially selected treatments to visibly improve the appearance of the skin. This way our patients regain healthy and beautiful skin and peace of mind.