Dermatoscopy and videodermatoscopy

Throughout the world, as well as in Poland, there is an increasing number of cases of melanoma and other skin cancers. Identification of early cancer stages plays a fundamental role in tackling this disease. Rapid diagnosis allows for not only the removal and examination of a lesion, but also to cure the patient.

The introduction of dermatoscopy has made great progress in the field of preoperative diagnosis of skin cancers and other skin lesions. Using a dermatoscope – a portable, specially-designed microscope – a dermatologist can see and evaluate moles or lesions at a magnification of 10 to 60 times.

Even greater accuracy is provided by video dermatoscopy, which allows for the image of a mole or lesion to be magnified up to 100 times. This method enhances the accuracy of the evaluation and diagnosis of pigmented nevi, thus allowing them to be distinguished from other, similar-looking, skin lesions.
Videodermatoscope allows to quickly scan the patient’s skin and archive the image for comparison of changes over time.

Dermatoscopy and videodermatoscopy is painless and requires no prior patient preparation.